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10 Best Way To Make Money From Online 2019

make money from online

10 Best Way To Make Money From Online 2019

At First you need to know that:

What is freelancing?

ANS: In a word, freelancing is the freedom to work independently outside traditional jobs. For example, someone who took business as a profession, they are businessmen, those who are employed are job seekers, and those who take their livelihood with fisheries are fishermen, just like freelancing is a profession. And those who are freelancing are called freelancers. Those who earn according to their own talent and expertise. freelancing work with freedom.Make Money From Online.

What is outsourcing?


Another word that is freely associated with freelancing is outsourcing. Through the Internet system, different organizations carry out various types of work from someone outside their organization. Outsourcing is the only thing to do. And outsourcers who are outsourcing are called outsourcers or buyer. Generally they are a freelancer client.Make Money From Online

Web Development:

Creating Website, Creating Web Based Software, Website Maintenance etc.

Cyber ​​Security:

 In today’s world, cyber security issues are very important. Cyber ​​security experts are recruiting in Bangladesh only, but not officially Bangladesh. The online market place also has huge demand. Many are freelancing on freelancing on the security of cyber security.

Ethical hacking:

You can also earn through hacking in the right way. You can earn revenue by publishing various web pages of different foreign companies / networks / systems, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Yahoo.

Graphics Design:

Logo, Website Banner, Photo Editing, Animation etc. Even Amazon can design Amazon’s T-shirts by designing t-shirts.

Computer programming:

                                                      Web programming from desktop programming is all covered.

Internet Marketing / Internet Marketing:

Internet-based marketing activities, such as blogs, marketing on social networking websites.

Writing and translation:

Articles, website content, news notifications, short stories, adult stories, and translation from one language to another are notable.

Micro Jobs:

You can also earn through small tasks. Like giving Facebook likes, 10 gmail / Yahoo account open. It is possible to earn small business through this.


Those who are skilled at this, are doing internet-based public relations in addition to writing, filming and writing in various national and foreign newspapers.

Customer service:

Provide necessary support through telephone, e-mail and social media by providing information to customers of local and foreign companies.

Virtual Assistant / Administrative Assistant:

Performing data entry on various companies and working in different companies, working as a personal assistant etc.










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