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Bitcoin Air – Payments as Light as Air!

bitcoin air

About Bitcoin Air:

Bitcoin Air has one goal to unify the world through safe, secure, and transparent payments. Decentralizing the overall power of value and returning it to the people through the Blockchain. Bitcoin Air values transparency, security, integrity, and power to the people. We feel any and all decisions guiding a communities path should be up to the people themselves. The only thing we should ever ensure is the security and well-being of our community. This in turn brings us to our value of integrity. Ensuring that we are transparent with you all and maintain the same truths to ourselves as we do you our people. Bitcoin Air also thrives on the idea that the world can pursue a clean means of growth without destroying the lives of others and the ground under our feet. We at Bitcoin Air strive to produce a truly positive force in Crypto Space that can change things for the good of our future generations.

itcoin Air will be airdropping coins to everyone who holds Bitcoin and Peercoin during the time of the snapshot. The specifications to follow are below:

  • 21,000,000 XAP in Circulation (After 6 months, unclaimed remainder burned in 3 month batches over time)
  • 42,000,000 XAP Tail Emission (Not Including Mint/Burn)
  • Side-Chain starting at Zero Circulating Supply with Asset-Backing up to 67,200,000 USDAP that will expand as the reserves grow.
  • Hybrid PoS/PoW
  • 4 Minute Block Time
  • 12.5 XAP Block Reward
  • 16MB Blocksize
  • Block Reward Halving every 788,400 Blocks (6 Years)
  • Full-Embedded switch to DPoS after 7,884,000 Blocks or 60 Years. Block Reward adjusts to 19,248 XAP per year for DPoS rewards.

Currently, we are in discussion with several exchanges in regards to them supporting our upcoming airdrop. For now, please just ensure that you hold all Peercoin or Bitcoin OFF-EXCHANGE to ensure that you receive our airdrop if exchanges do not support it! (IMPORTANT: If an exchange decides not to support the airdrop, the holders on that exchange will NEVER receive Bitcoin Air!)

Block Size: 32 megabytes
Block Time: 4 minute
Block Reward: 12.5 coin
Block Reward Halving: 6 Years or 788,400 Blocks
Estimated Starting Supply: 20,000,000 XAP
Algorithm: HDPoS/W (Hybrid Dynamic Proof-of-Stake/Proof-of-Work)
Core Credit: Bitcoin and Peercoin


bitcoin air

bitcoin air












Bitcointalk usernamehawabegum23125
Bitcointalk URL:;u=2095072
Ether address:   0x9d0d9272b21feae6e34363f6eb7ec40edb32b078

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