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Bitenny – simplify your future- ICO Review

Bitenny - simplify your future- ICO Review

Bitenny puts forward the function in terms of digital payment transactions because of the increasing number of users of this system from time to time. This is a good opportunity to develop the function of the platform that is in line with the current conditions. the trend that is currently being global can also be felt by every community through the shops they visit everyday. This is intended where Bitenny supports the payment transaction functions that can also be done by shops in the real world. Bitenny’s role will add functionality in terms of payment systems that do not need to be done using cash.

How will Bitenny System Working?

Bitenny’s usage area will be wide. It will not only be for private uses, large corporate customers will be involved in this. Different crypto exchanges and banks will be in the ideal image together with the solution. Bitenny will have all the necessary features to enable high security and transparency in all transactions.

Another important advantage of the platform is that it contributes to the maximum security level of the entire system and to be a scalable compute core. In addition, all trading processes allow you to receive all kinds of data quickly and safely, in real time, by interacting directly with algorithms that include artificial intelligence. Thus, within the framework of the platform at the same time both outside the system and you will be able to easily control all kinds of trade.


Bitenny is a multifunctional universal platform that can be conveniently used both by sellers in online stores and in physical points of sale. In addition, their customers also receive a universal application to pay for everyday purchases and manage their finances.


Token Information

  •  → Token: BTNY
  •  → Platform: Ethereum
  •  → Type: ERC20
  •  → Price in ICO: 1 BTNY = 0,07 USD
  •  → Hardcap: 25 000 000 USD
  •  → Max tokens: 1 000 000 000 BTNY









Bitcointalk username: hawabegum23125
Bitcointalk URL:;u=2095072
Ether address: 0x89F4b4d67279e5Ede615AaEd93e5173042EA0B39

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